Pres. speaks on importance of love of a family for children

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has emphasized on the importance of ensuring that all Maldivian children receive the love and care of a family.

Noting the prominence given by the government towards children, the president made his statement in a remark issued on the occasion of Children’s Day.

In his remark, President Solih noted that the situation of children in Maldives is much better when compared to the lives of the children in neighboring countries. Noting that there is still a lot that can be done to improve the lives of Maldivian children, the President acknowledged that the most important work to be undertaken in this regard is to establish laws to protect the rights of children.

The president also highlighted the importance of improving the health and physical well-being of children, and further noted the importance of a good upbringing for children. He noted the government’s priority in establishing a system that can monitor the health and fitness of the country’s young generation through the national education system.