56 accidents in Male' city during the last week

Maldives Police Service (MPS) has revealed that 56 accidents were reported in Male’ city between May 4-10.

In the weekly statistics published by the Traffic Department of MPS, it stated that 23 motorcycles and 13 four-wheeled vehicles were towed for violating traffic rules. 776 tickets were issued due to parking violations.

While 56 accidents occurred in Male’ city during the last week, 11 people were injured in the accidents, and licenses of 16 people were withheld due to the accidents.

417 motorcycles were stopped and checked, and action was taken against 99 people who did not possess a driving license and 57 drivers who possessed licenses were not carrying the licence on them.

Action was taken against 14 drivers for speeding, and two minors who are not legally permitted to drive were also stopped.