State requests to overturn Civil Court order on paying Dheebaajaa compensation

The State has requested to overturn Civil Court’s order to pay MVR 348 million to Dheebaajaa Investments.

The Civil Court in 2014 ruled that the State is to pay the amount to Dheebaajaa Pvt Ltd as compensation for the damages caused after the agreement enacted between the company and the government to provide ferry services to four atolls in 2010 were annulled in 2013.

In a statement released by the Attorney General’s Office, the state claimed that the Civil Court ruling to pay the amount is in violation of the due procedures. The statement read that the High Court had overturned the Civil Court ruling in 2018, and the Supreme Court ruling on the case was issued last month. Therefore, the period of six months granted to pay the due amount to Dheebaajaa Investments will be counted from the date the Supreme Court’s ruling was issued.