President Solih attends 14th OIC summit

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the challenges faced by the global Muslim community can be overcome with the cooperation and effort of all Islamic nations.

Speaking at the 14th summit of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), President Solih presented several important proposals. The President’s Office revealed that the President assured that the Maldives would continue to work toward the betterment of the Islamic Ummah during his address at the ongoing summit in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

President Solih also stressed the archipelago’s unwavering support for Muslims all around the world, emphasizing that Maldivians are in solidarity with Palestinian Muslims.

The OIC aims to strengthen the relations between Muslim nations in order to benefit the global Muslim community. The summit also works toward promoting the values and principles of Islam.

This year’s summit touched upon the growing prevalence of Islamophobia, regional security in the Middle East and of the growing threat posed by extremists, who willfully distort the peaceful message of Islam.

The high level summit, where leaders of nations with a Muslim majority participate, is held every three years. It grants the opportunity for Muslim leaders to offer their perspective and solutions on confronting the issues faced by Muslims around the world.