Top court judge accused of accepting bribe to jail ex-pres Nasheed

Speaker of the Parliament, former president Mohamed Nasheed has submitted a claim that Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi accepted a bribe of USD 1 million to jail Nasheed in 2015.

Nasheed filed a complaint against the judge at the Judicial Service Commission (JSC), of which he is a member.

Judge Abdulla Didi was presiding over the bench when the Criminal court sentenced Nasheed to 13 years in jail on terrorism charges. Not long after, he was transferred as a High Court judge.

While Abdulla Didi was the Chief Judge of the High Court, he was appointed as a Supreme Court judge after the top court issued the controversial February 1 order.

It has been reported that the bribe was deposited to a Malaysian bank account under Abdulla Didi’s wife’s name. However, the source of the funds is unknown.

The case was previously submitted to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), however, the investigation could not be pursued due to several factors.

The sentence jailing Nasheed was later overturned by the Supreme Court during November 2018.