Courts require further reform: MP Saud

Vililgili MP Saudh Hussain has stated that more reform is required for Maldivian courts and that the construct of the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) must be reconstituted.

MP Saudh made these remarks while Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed on Wednesday stated that the majority of work in reforming the courts have been completed, with positive amendments brought about to the judicial system.

Saudh said that the courts have not yet been 'salvaged', and that important changes still needed to be made to the judicial system.

"We need to change the construct of the Judicial Service Commission. There is no safety if the court houses are not free of the influence of politicians, and the public will not trust the system," said Saud.

Members of the former administration, and high-ranking government officials emphatically advocated on making alterations to the commission. However, this recently subsided due to the current government's attainment of super majority in Parliament.

JSC consists of the President of the Civil Service Commission, Parliament Speaker, Attorney General, Supreme Justice, High Court Judge, Lower Court Judge, a representative lawyer, and a member of Parliament. The commission also includes a local representative appointed by Parliament, and another appointed by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

While the Maldivian Democratic Party also holds super majority in Parliament, there have been massive criticisms levied against the party on JSC operations.

Senior members of the opposition coalition have previously made allegations towards Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed, making claims of his influence on the judiciary. Nasheed denied these allegations, stating that him stepping down from the commission would be detrimental to the country.