'Supreme Court cannot obstruct the JSC'- Speaker Nasheed

Speaker of the parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated that the Supreme Court's stay order on the Judicial Service Commission (JSC)'s decision to suspend Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi oversteps of the Supreme Court's jurisdiction.

Speaking to the Sri Lankan media during his ongoing visit to the neighboring country, Nasheed said although Supreme Court has the final say in matters, the court has to proceed according to the rules and regulations. However, he does not believe that the constitution should to be amended to narrow the Supreme Court's privilege of having the last say, said Nasheed.

The former president said he does not believe the Supreme Court can have a final say on a matter that is being handled by the JSC and of which the work is ongoing.

He further said the decision of committee members based on the findings from the statements given by JSC members at the parliament committee looking into the matter will be received soon. The decisions of the committee will then be presented to the parliament floor upon which it will be debated on to reach a final decision.

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath, who is also on the JSC had requested the committee to narrow the jurisdiction given to the Supreme Court, alleging that the court obstructs the JSC. Judge Abdulla Didi had filed a constitutional dispute at the Supreme Court requesting the top court to dismiss his suspension after which a stay order was then issued by the Supreme Court ordering all authorities not to take any action against Didi.

However, an emergency meeting of the JSC was called following the Supreme Court decision, during which the members maintained their suspension on Didi despite the Supreme Court order. An emergency meeting of the Judicial Council was then called, however, the findings of the meeting were not revealed.

Nasheed is currently visiting Sri Lanka along with Vice President Faisal Naseem and other delegates. The visit is primarily aimed at showing solidarity with Easter Sunday attacks and is being arranged upon the invitation of Sri Lankan government.