Ex-VP Adeeb summoned to commission investigating murders, disappearances

Former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb has been summoned for questioning by the presidential commission investigating murders and enforced disappearances.

A tweet posted by the commission on Tuesday night confirmed that Adeeb was summoned by the commission where his statement was recorded. Adeeb was questioned regarding several allegations against him relating to the disappearance of journalist Ahmed Rilwan and the murder of MP Dr. Afrasheem Ali.

Earlier on Tuesday, Maldives Correctional Service had granted Adeeb permission to fy abroad o seek medical treatment despite the many allegations against him. The move met with criticism from the public, with many expressing their concern at the development. The tweet posted by the commission comes at a time when several questions are being directed at the commission regarding the current circumstance involving Adeeb.

Recently, jail sentences adding up to 33 years against Adeeb were overturned by the courts. While the Supreme Court overturned the 10 year jail sentence handed to the ex-VP on a weapons charge, the High court has ordered the Criminal Court to conduct a retrial of the cases implicating Adeeb in the explosion that occurred aboard the presidential speedboat in 2015, and graft allegations involving Maabinhuraa island. At the moment, no cases against Adeeb are in court.

Adeeb, who has escaped several criminal convictions is currently serving a 15-day sentence over contempt of court. He will be a free man this Friday.