JSC suspends Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) on Wednesday made the decision to suspend Supreme Court Justice Abdulla Didi.

Judge Abdulla Didi was suspended due to an ongoing police investigation following a complaint filed against the judge by JSC member and Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed on bribery allegations.

In his complaint, Nasheed claimed that Judge Didi accepted a bribe of USD 1 million to jail Nasheed in 2015 while he was a judge at the Criminal Court. While the Abdulla Didi has denied the claims, the police are actively investigating the case.

In addition to Judge Abdulla Didi, JSC also made the decision to suspend Family Court Judge Hassan Saeed due to the ongoing investigation on a disciplinary issue involving the judge. However, the commission did not revel the details of the complaint against him.

During Wednesday's JSC sitting, the commission also made the decision to dismiss Magistrate Ibrahim Rasheed of Thinadhoo Magistrate Court. While a motion will be filed at the Parliament to dismiss the judge, this is the first time in JSC's history that commission is seeking to dismiss a judge

Newly appointed members to the JSC, Speaker Nasheed, and parliament representative to the commission Hisaan Hussain took part in Wednesday's JSC meeting.