Judiciary committee backs suspension of top court judge

The Judiciary Committee has supported the Judicial Service Commission (JSC)'s decision to suspend Judge Abdulla Didi, and will be recommending the parliament to advise the Supreme Court not to encroach on JSC's jurisdiction.

Henveiru west MP Hassan Latheef made the proposition during late Sunday's JSC sitting to request the parliament to resolve that JSC's decision to suspend Judge Didi is lawful and within its jurisdiction

Five out of six members who took part in the deciding vote voted in favor of the proposition while Kendhoo MP Ali
Hussain voted against it.

In their decision, the commission identified that the Supreme Court transgressed upon the JSC's jurisdiction, thereby obstructing the JSC from carrying out their work.

Speaking against the proposal, MP Ali Hussain said the parliament cannot give a judicial opinion on a decision made by an independent commission. He further noted that while it has been reported that the JSC suspended Judge Didi without allowing the him to respond to the claims against him, the judiciary committee should look into the matter.

Responding to MP Ali Hussain, MP Hassan Latheef said the parliament can express judicial views. If independent entities are acting unconstitutionally, holding the entities in question accountable and advising the entity is the responsibility of the parliament, he said. MP Hassan also noted that according to JSC Act, opportunity should be given to judges to respond to allegations against them before a dismissal and not before suspension.

The Supreme Curt has issued a stay order on Judge Didi's suspension. However, JSC voted to maintain the suspension despite the Supreme Court order. Judge Didi continues to attend to his official duties, stating that he will be following the Supreme Court's decision on the matter.