India appeals to the world to assist Maldives

India stated that this is the time to assist the Maldives in proving to the world their capability to climb out of an economical black-hole to bring about equalized development across the nation.

Speaking at a session of Maldives Partnership Forum 2019 being held at Kurumba Maldives, Indian ambassador to the Maldives Sanjay Sudheer stated that Maldives is an important partner in realizing Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision of peace and development across the Indian Ocean.

The ambassador also emphasized that the financial package of US$ 1.4 billion recently extended to the Maldives by India under their 'Neighborhood First' policy signifies that India will always assist the archipelago in the country's bid to decrease debt.

The ambassador further declared that India is ready to assist the Maldives in improving it's credit rating without conditions.

"Now is the time to assist Maldives in setting an example to the world during their time of economical decline, to assist in equalizing development across the nation", Ambassador Sanjay Sudheer said.

Maldives Partnership Forum is the biggest multilateral gathering of its kind to be organized in the Maldives. While multiple countries and international organizations are participating in the forum, it is expected to strengthen bilateral relations in addition to opening up new opportunities for the Maldives.

The forum is being held in partnership with the President’s Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Finance and is centered around the theme 'Investing in a Resilient and Sustainable Maldives'. It will act as a platform for the government to present prospective opportunities to development partners.