Pres Solih expresses confidence in country's foreign policy

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has stated that the independence and sovereignty of Maldives is protected by the country's comprehensive foreign policy.

Delivering opening remarks today at the Heads of Mission (HOM) Meeting held today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President Solih assured that the Maldives would always advocate both at national and international levels to uphold the constitution, and maintain justice. It is the fundamental principle of the country's diplomacy, he added.

The president further noted that the target of the Maldivian foreign policy is to preserve and protect the country's sovereignty, security and identity.

"The country's respect in the international community is lifted due to our foreign policy. Our defense is our overarching foreign policy. Our ambassadors are the warriors who are tasked with implementing our diplomacy. Your contribution in strengthening bilateral relations and weakened ties is crucial", said the president

The president also emphasized the importance of maintaining the country' position as a respected member of the world community in establishing relationships with other counties for development of the nation. Maldives is an independent country, and therefore, the policies of the country will be shaped in accordance with the archipelago's laws, and that which are beneficial to the people of the nation, he added.

The President noted that while the Maldives is also affected by different intentional discourses, the Maldives can sail through the rough sea peacefully only through working toward a mutual goal together with wisdom.

Adding that the government is always working for the nation's benefit, the President highlighted many of the achievements of this administration, including the increase the inflow of tourists, which in turn has increased tourism investments in the country.

However, a lot of effort still needs to be put into improving the country's current status, noted the president.