Open sitting approved for Judge Saeed's disciplinary hearing

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has made the decision to hear disciplinary cases against suspended Family Court Judge Hassan Saeed in an open sitting.

Complying to Judge Saeed's wish for an open sitting, the decision was made by the judicial watchdog during its Wednesday's sitting.

While it has been confirmed that Judge Saeed was suspended over a disciplinary issue, the commission did not reveal details of the case.

Judge Hassan Saeed was previously suspended by the JSC for alleging that two judges appointed to the High Court were corrupt. Hassan Saeed filed a lawsuit against JSC at the Civil Court over the issue, however, he later withdrew the case.

During Wednesday's meeting, JSC also approved to send to a 5-member investigation committee complaints filed at the commission against Magistrate Mohamed Raa'ib Ahmed from Kaafu atoll judicial sector.

The commission is currently investigating five disciplinary cases against top court Judge Abdulla Didi. His cases are scheduled to be heard in an open hearing on Thursday.