Sharp objects discovered at Maafushi Prison

Home Ministry has stated that several 'illegal' objects that do not belong in a prison facility were discovered during Sunday's search operation at Maafushi Prison.

The Ministry made the decision to search the remand unit of the prison on suspicions that illegal objects that could be used as weapons were hidden in the cells.

Earlier on Sunday, Home Ministry released a statement that said that the decision to inspect the jail was prompted due to CCTV cameras in the remand unit being destroyed and due to attacks on prison officers by inmates. The unrest that occurred at the prison last Thursday made inmates restless, which has caused difficulties in restoring the prison to normalcy following the incident, it said.

The search operation was conducted successfully in the presence of the Commissioner of Prisons and Deputy Commissioner of Prisons, as well as the Inspector of Correctional Services. The Ministry had earlier said that both audio and video records will be taken during the search.

During the search, several objects that do not belong in a jail as were discovered within the facility, and were confiscated by Corrections, said the Ministry in a tweet.

Commissioner of Prisons Abdulla Munaz revealed in a tweet that objects that can be used as weapons were discovered in the cells in addition to eight mobile phones.

An unrest that occurred at Maafushi Prison last Thursday saw several inmates and Correction's officers injured. Home Ministry has confirmed that prison officers had engaged in excessive use of force to gain control of the situation. The Ministry has assured that the incident will be investigated, and necessary action will be taken against those responsible.