Pres ratifies bill granting authority to pres commissions

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has ratified the bill granting powers to two presidential commissions.

The bills granting sweeping powers to the commission investigating murders and enforced disappearances, and the commission on state assets recovery were approved by the parliament last Wednesday.

The bill on empowering the presidential commissions was first presented during the 18th parliament. Several opposition members and some members of the ruling coalition had expressed their concern on the bill, stating that the bill contained several factors that contradicts the constitution. The bill was then amended, with several proposed powers removed from the bill.

However the bill still remained unapproved over several attempts, mostly due to loss of quorum on the parliament floor.

After the 19th parliament commenced, the bill was again revised by the relevant parliament commission, with several powers previously removed from the bill added back.

As per the amendments, the commission now has the authorities given under the Criminal Procedures Act to summon and record statements of persons of interest and the authority to ask for search and arrest warrants. Evidence and statements collected by the commission will still be admissible in court even in the event the commission is dissolved in the future.a