Parliament removes magistrate in historic move

The parliament has dismissed Thiadhoo Court Magistrate Ibrahim Rasheed in historic move.

This is the first time a judge has been removed by the parliament since the new constitution was ratified in 2008.

All 70 members who took part in Wednesday's vote were in favor of disbarring the Magistrate. The parliament requires two thirds of member votes to dismiss a judge.

The Judicial Service Commission (JSC) sent Ibrahim Rsaheed's case to the parliament last Wednesday seeking the parliament's approval to dismiss him. This is the first time JSC sent such case to the parliament in its history.

The case was then referred to the parliament's judiciary committee for research, with the committee concluding that Ibrahim needs to be dismissed from his post.

A complaint against Magistrate Ibrahim Rasheed was first filed at the JSC on 25th April 2013 for verbally abusing a woman using vulgar language and derogatory terms in public. He was suspended by the JSC on 30th May 2016.