Nasheed speaks on JSC's failure to hold judges accountable

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has stated that the Judicial Service Commission (JC) has been unable to hold judges answerable for three main reasons.

Answering a question posed by an AVAS journalist during a press conference held at the Parliament office on Sunday, Nasheed said he believes there are three main reasons behind the JSC's failure to hold judge answerable since its establishment many years ago until now.

Nasheed said the first reason is influential local businessmen who believe the Maldivian courts are a platform to assist their businesses and to make more money. Nasheed accused that some local businessmen have strong links with judges in the courts.

The second reson is the link between local gangs and judges, said Nasheed, alleging that local gangsters believe maintaining a friendship with judges is vital for their safety and protection.

Noting the third reason as the link between judges and politicians, Nasheed said politicians use judges in their bid to rise to more political power.

The former president said the judicial system in the Maldives has been corrupted due to the three reasons, and attempts should be made to ''cleanse' the system even if it is through changing the the composition of the JSC among other efforts.