Australian ambassador assures continued assistance to Maldives

Australian Ambassador to Maldives David Holly has assured that Australian government will increase their assistance to Maldives.

The government of Maldives and Australia held a joint press conference on Sunday to commemorate 45 years of diplomatic relations between both countries.

Speaking at the press conference, Holly stated that both countries are committed to exploring new areas for cooperation in the years ahead.

He also stated that Australia is an economic partner of the Maldives, therefore, discussions on facilitating an easier trade platform between both countries will be conducted, he said.

Holly further noted that many Maldivians seek higher education at Australian universities, and assured that the Australian government would continue to offer scholarship programs to Maldivian students.

Noting that Australia and Maldives are both situated in the Indian ocean, Holly stated that both countries should work together to safe guard the surrounding waters and ensure peace of the Indian Ocean.