Govt aims to make Maldives more business friendly

The government is focused on projects that will benefit public, economic minister Fayyaz Ismail said Sunday.

At a press conference on Sunday at the presidential office Fayyaz stated that main aim of the government is to eliminate the obstructions on business and making them more independent. He also stated that ensuring that would help the economy.

To eliminate obstructions for the public businesses would be the mega project of the current government.

"To eliminate the obstructions and giving freedom for businesses will help the economy. It will be our top most priority. The biggest mega project that we can operate is to eliminate all obstructions." Fayyaz said.

In regard to the questions on the government being slow in launching development projects Fayyaz stated that current government past six months have ensured projects that can be good to the economy than the previous governments first six months.

Minister highlighted the four economic hubs that will be developed across Maldives, and the transshipment harbour in north and south of Maldives.

Minister also revealed that mega projects are delayed due to the amount of research and planning that has to be done to start projects. Fayyaz stated that mega projects will be announced after extensive research.

"When projects are done in a hurry the end result would not be good. Therefore we are carefully researching and planning before putting the plans into action." stated Fayyaz.

Several ongoing projects initiated under former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom's government have also being put on hold. The current government has said the projects are on hold to align them with the development agenda of the present regime.

Some of those projects have been marred by corruption allegations.