Govt asks public to report old, unsafe buildings

Planning ministry urged public to report old and unsafe buildings after a spate of incidents in the capital Male.

In a statement on Tuesday, the ministry noted the recent incidents in Male due to falling debris from old and unsafe buildings in the past few months.

Ministry urged the public to report such building so that action can be taken against the building owners.

While reporting ministry also added that a photo of the premises was essential which can be sent by email or by letter.

Once a report have been submitted, the ministry would carry out a safety check. If the building deemed unsafe the ministry will inform the owner of the building to evacuate and notice of danger will be put on the building.

Planning ministry further stated that if the building is not evacuated after the notice, it would not take responsibility for any injuries resulting from an incident.

Ministry also warned that building owners refusing to comply would face legal action with the help of councils.