Pres nominates 12 names for ACC membership

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih nominated 12 names for Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) membership.

The commission is seeking a new member following the resignation of it's commissioner Hassan Luthufee earlier this month.

During Wednesday's parliament sitting, the President's letter addressed to the Speaker which listed the names of the nominees was heard on the parliament floor.

The 12 nominees include former Auditor General, Niyaz Ibrahim, in addition to Fathimath Anoola, Arif Rasheed, Zeeniya Abdulla, Ibrahim Shakeel, Aishath Abdulla, Mariyam Shiuna, Mujtaba Hameed, Ali Ashraf, Mariyam Ahmed, Niyaz Ibrahim, Abdulla Miz’an and Adam Shamil.

The names were sent to the parliament's committee on independent institutions for evaluation.