'28 investors expressed interest in undertaking projects in Maldives'

President Ibrahim Solih revealed Monday that 28 separate investors have expressed interest in undertaking projects in the Maldives and 23 of these have already been approved by the Government.

Unveiling the government's five-year Tourism Master Plan at a ceremony held at Dharubaaruge, President Solih expressed his optimism that Maldives is now more attractive for investors, and has grown more popular as a tourist destination.

President Solih said while 28 investors expressed interest in undertaking projects in the Maldives, 23 parties have been approved by the government, with 17 investors already registered in the Maldives.

"13 different countries have invested in the Maldives thus far this year. This is the result of upholding the constitution and establishing peace in the country", said the President.

The President further acknowledged that Maldives has reached great heights in the international tourism market, and said all credit is due to the talented Maldivians who worked to establish Maldives as an attractive tourism destination.

Noting that the tourism sector has advanced greatly in since the new government began administration, President Solih said an 18% increase in tourist arrivals have been recorded compared to the same period the previous year. He also emphasized that the revenue generated from tourism reached over MVR 1.1 billion during the first quarter of the year.