MP Shiyam calls for Home Minister's resignation

Naifaru MP Ahmed Shiyam has called for Home Minister Imran Abdulla's immediate resignation over former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb fleeing the country while under travel ban.

The former vice president was detained in Tuticorin, India after he attempted to enter the country via sea route after fleeing Maldives. Indian authorities handed Adeeb over to Maldivian authorities, who transported him back to Maldives.

However, the Criminal Court ordered to release Adeeb after his initial arrest when handed over to Maldivian authorities, which led to an emergency motion to being submitted by Hulhudhoo MP Ilyas Labeeb. Debating on the motion, Shiyam said that Adeeb fleeing the country raises several questions.

Shiyam asked if Adeeb fled on his on initiative or if he was 'sent into hiding'. Shiyam said he believes that the fact that Adeeb was able to leave the country with such ease shows that Maldives Police Intelligence had failed to carry out their responsibilities.

"I call for the immediate resignation of Home Minister Imran Abdulla resignation and of the senior officials at Maldives Police Service. Even if Adeeb fled on his own or was sent into hiding, these people need to hand in their resignation in either case", opposing PPM's Vice President said.

Shiyam questioned why Adeeb chose to flee to India rather than any other country while aware of the close relationship between Maldives and India.

Noting that Adeeb is the main witness in the ongoing money laundering trial against Former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayyoom, Shiyam said that investigation needs to be conducted on why Adeeb’s lawyers claim that the state is trying to force Adeeb into giving his witness statement in a certain way, and why former president of Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) Hassan Luthufee claims he was threatened to give a specific statement.

While Adeeb's lawyers and Hassan Luthufee accusations are being aimed at Home Minister Imran Abdulla, Imran, who is currently in Saudi Arabia to perform the Holy Hajj Pilgrimage responded to the allegations made against him, tweeting that he was surprised that Maldivian citizens believed he would be dense enough to commit such acts.