'Ex-VP Adeeb has not arrived in Maldives yet' - Police

Maldives Police Service have revealed that former Vice President of Maldives, Ahmed Adeeb Abdul Ghafoor has not reached Maldives yet.

The former vice president was detained in Tuticorin, India after he attempted to enter the country via sea route after fleeing Maldives. Indian authorities have since handed Adeeb over to Maldivian authorities, who confirmed that Adeeb has been arrested and is being transported back to Maldives.

While rumors that Adeeb has already been taken to Dhoonidhoo Jail has been circulating, Maldives Police said Adeeb has not been brought back to Male' yet and that his arrival will be announced upon his return.

Adeeb fled to India after the Supreme Court acquitted him of all convictions against him. Adeeb remains a subject of investigation for alleged misappropriation of state funds, corruption and money laundering, and has an active travel ban imposed on him.

It is understood that Adeeb departed to India in an attempt to flee Maldives last Saturday, following a vacation to a local resort during the Independence Day holidays. Adeeb's departure became known to authorities on Sunday, upon which the police immediately began work to locate Adeeb with assistance from India and Sri Lanka.

Singapore-registered 'Virgo 9', the tug boat on which Adeeb traveled to India stopped at Maldives after loading gravel in Indonesia. Eight Indonesian and one Indian crewman were aboard the boat at the time. Adeeb's attempt to enter India was thwarted by the Indian crewman.

Adeeb was quizzed on the tugboat just off Tuticorin harbour in India, and was not permitted to enter India since he was not entering through a designated entry point and did not possess valid documents. The Indian government also denied Adeeb's request seeking asylum in the country.

Neither the Police Commissioner nor the Home Minister have not revealed much detail on Adeeb's escape. While the police have not answered questions regarding the situation, the police said if any information needs to be shared, the police would do so on their own initiative.