'Building in Addu city is a police training centre': Home Minister

Home Minister Imran Abdulla has stated that the building being constructed in Hithadhoo, Addu City is a police training center, and confirmed that no military exercises will take place at the location.

Minister Imran attended the Parliament on Tuesday to answer questions on whether a large building being constructed at the location would serve as an Indian military base.

The proposition to question Imran was put forward by Feydhoo MP Mohamed Nihad. While the area in question stretches over a distance of 1 km, Minister Imran was questioned on the purpose of the building under construction at the location, the contractor and the terms of agreement.

Answering the MP's questions, Minister Imran said a police training center was being constructed in Hithadhoo under an agreement with the Indian government signed in 2012.

There were delays in commencing the project as a suitable location for the training center remained undecided for a while, said the minister.

Minister Imran said it was initially decided that the training center will be established in Dhihfushimaadhoo of Lh. atoll. However, the government later entertained the idea of changing the location to Vaanee island of Dh. atoll, but ultimately decided on Hithadhoo island of southernmost Addu atoll. The project finally commenced in December 2016, said Imran.

"I am very clearly stating that the building will become a police training center. No military activities or exercises will take place at the centre", the minister confirmed.

The minister further noted that no foreign parties will be involved in conducting the police trainings.

The US$ 1.8 million project will be completed by July next year.