European Union grants €2.5 mill in aid to support counter terrorism efforts

The European Union has granted an aid of MVR 2.5 million to assist Maldives' counter-terrorism efforts.

Addressing at the Maldives Parliament, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security policy and Vice President of the EU Commission, Federica Mogherini said the same way that both Maldives and EU emphasizes the peace of the Indian Ocean, priority should be given in working against terrorists.

Noting that Maldives Defense Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi affirmed commitment to step up and coordinate with EU to prevent terrorist attacks and radicalisation, Ms Mogherini announced an EU package of 2.5 million Euros to the Maldives in support of the work that the Maldives has undertaken against terrorism. Ms Mogherini assured that the EU is ready to work together with Maldives to seek a solution for the issue.

"I am pleased to announce we have prepared a European Union package of 2.5 million euros in support of the work against terrorism that the Maldives has undertaken. We are together with you on this", she said.