Pres Solih enquires on the well being of Maldivian Hajj Pilgrims

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih reached out to Maldivian citizens currently in Mecca for Hajj pilgrimage and enquired on the well being of the pilgrims and the course of their journey so far.

The President telephoned representatives from all Maldivian Hajj Groups in Mecca and wished all pilgrims a Mabroor Hajj, and extended his felicitations on this blessed occasion, said the President's Office.

Deputy Minister of Islamic Ministry Shafiu Ali said all pilgrims are doing well. Five Hajj groups in addition to Maldives Hajj Corporation took pilgrims to Saudi Arabia this year. They are Zaee Hajj Group, Tazkiya Group, Haramain Group, Minaa Group and Acro Hajj Group. Over 2000 Maldivians traveled to Saudi Arabia on this year's pilgrimage.