Captain of 'Virgo 9' tugboat restricted from leaving the country

A travel ban has been imposed on the captain of 'Virgo 9', the tugboat on which former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb attempted to flee the country.

Adeeb was discovered in Tuticorin, India on 1st August as he attempted to enter the country while pretending to be a member of the tugboat's crew. After the boat returned to Maldives under police custody, it was detained for investigation.

Police on Sunday confirmed that the captain of the boat has been restricted from leaving the country due to an ongoing investigation. No further details were shared.

Adeeb attemted to flee the country while a travel ban was imposed on him by the Supreme Court. He has since been transported back to Maldives and remanded to 15 days in custody. The former Vice President remains a subject of investigation for alleged misappropriation of state funds, corruption and money laundering.