Who will be MMA's new governor?

One of the institutions that plays a major role in the Maldivian economy is central bank, Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA). However, after former governor Ahmed Naseer recently resigned from the position, the post of governor is now vacant. An individual is appointed for this important position by the parliament as per MMA rules.

While many are striving to be appointed for the vacated position, it has been rumored that the position has been 'offered' to some eligible candidates. There are also candidates within MMA who are likely to be appointed as governor. The question is, who will become the next governor of MMA?

The person who is appointed as governor must not be associated with any political parties and should remain neutral, as MMA is the pedestal upon which all businesses of Maldives is mounted on. MMA is one of the key institution directly related to our country's economy, and therefore, it is self evident that the governor should be well educated, experienced and qualified to handle the responsibilities of the position.

Then, there is the issue of accusations of negligence that have been directed at the institution over the largest corruption scandal the country has witnessed. Whoever is appointed as the next governor will have to shoulder the heavy responsibility of changing how people perceive the institution and gaining back the public's trust.

There are several candidates in the Maldives who have the qualities and qualifications necessary to perform such an important role. Listed below are three candidates who are likely to be appointed as the next governor of MMA. It has been reported that the government has already offered the position to some of these individuals.

Ahmed Sharuvash Adam

One of the candidates who is speculated to be appointed as the new governor is Ahmed Sharuvash Adam, Chief Financial Budget Executive at Finance Ministry's Head of Fiscal Department. He has been working in the field of finance for the past ten years, and has previously worked at MMA and Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA).

Idham Hussain

Idham Hussain is another worthy candidate for the post. Idham began working in MMA in 1990, and currently sits on MMA's board. She has worked in different departments of MMA and has filled the role of Assistant Governor at MMA's Monetary Policy, Research and Statistics Department. Idham is the sister of former President Mohamed Waheed's spouse, Ilham Hussain.

Mariyam Khalid

Mariyam Khalid is a potential candidate for the post of the governor. Mariyam is well educated in the field of finance, and has worked in MMA in the past. She is currently the chairperson of the Minimum Wage board. and is a relative of the President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and former President Mohamed Nasheed.

These are not the only candidates aspiring to become governor. No doubt, whoever is appointed for the post will face several challenges and drawbacks, with the most difficult challenge being facing the allegations against the bank over the MMPRC graft. In addition to facing the 'hot seat', the new governor will also need to undertake several efforts to reform, develop and flourish the country's financial sector.