Tourist arrivals reach 1 million

Maldives received one million tourists by August 2nd this year, tourism ministry has revealed.

Announcing the number of tourists that visited Maldives thus far this year, Minister Ali Waheed said 994,733 tourists visited the Maldives by end of July, which is a 17,2% increase in tourist arrivals compared to the same period the previous year.

'The number of tourist arrivals targeted for this year by the president is 1.5 million. We are working to ensure that 1.5 million tourists arrive in Maldives by the government's first anniversary [November 17]. Our statistics show this is achievable. We are successful due to the efforts of MMPRC and the industry", said Ali Waheed.

Tourism Ministry's statistics show 132,144 tourists visited the Maldives during July. This is an 8% increase compared to the same period last year. With 172,832 arrivals, China is the top market from which tourists visit Maldives. The tourist arrival percentage from China has increased by 7.6%

49,095 tourist beds were registered in the Maldives by end of July this year, out of which 45,983 are currently in operation.