'No information on secret witnesses mentioned in detailed report' - Nasheed

Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has denied claims that the report shared by presidential commission on murders and disappearances on the abduction of journalist Ahmed Rilwan disclosed information on the secret witnesses who aided the investigation.

President of the commission Husnu-Al-Suood had presented a copy of the detailed report into Rilwan's murder to the Speaker, which was then shared by Nasheed with the parliamentary group leaders. However, it was rumored that the reports were taken back by the Parliament Secretariat as it contained confidential information. A summary report was later shared with the parliament. It was reported that the initial report contained confidential information on the secret witnesses who gave their statements on the case.

Speaking at Thursday's parliament sitting, Nasheed said the report he shared did not contain the identity and profiles of the secret witnesses. Nasheed himself was unaware of their identities, he said.

"The names of the secret witnesses were not mentioned in either report. The detailed report referred to them as Secret Witness 1, Secret Witness 2 - in this manner. Therefore, even I am not aware of their identities", said Nasheed.

Nasheed refuted reports that the reports were taken back from the parliamentary group leaders, stating that no reports can be taken back from a PG leader after it has already been handed over.

"I have no intentions of taking back the reports I shared with any pf you. I do not doubt that the PG leaders will maintain the confidentiality of the detailed report while a summary report has been publicized", said Nasheed.

Nasheed has previously affirmed his conviction that PG leaders would maintain the confidentiality of the report. Despite this, Nasheed is facing criticism for sharing the detailed report with the PG Group.