Opposition calls to further investigate Dr. Afrasheem's murder

Opposition has called on the Presidential Commission Investigating Murders and Enforced Disappearances to further investigate the murder of former Ungoofaaru MP and religious scholar Dr. Afrasheem Ali fairly to uncover the 'real truth' behind the MP's murder.

Progressive Coalition made these remarks in a statement released by the opposition condemning the allegations made against former Islamic Minister Dr. Mohamed Shaheem Ali Saeed in the commission's report prepared on Dr. Afrasheem's murder after concluding investigation.

According to the report, Dr. Shaheem was aware that an unknown party wished for Dr. Afrasheem to go on TV and announce his repentance, and apologise for his personal views on certain religious matters that some parties strongly disagreed with. While Dr. Shaheem had received a text message stating as such, the message was forwarded to Dr. Afrasheem by Dr. Shaheem. The former Islamic Minister told the presidential commission that he could not remember who sent the message in question.

Dr. Afrasheem was brutally murdered when he returned home after going on a TV program on the night of 1st October, 2012.

The opposition's statement described the allegations as slander, and noted that there were certain people motivated to incriminate Shaheem and tie him to Dr. Afrasheem's murder. They further stated that there is no substantial evidence to support the allegations.

"...We [the progressive coalition] do not believe that Shaheem would commit such deplorable act. He has a religious education, and is a well mannered scholar of impeccable character", read the statement.

After the report was published, Dr. Shaheem took to Twitter to question whether he was the 'scapegoat' being sacrificed to celebrate President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's first year of presidency. The report was published on the same day that the government was marking the completion of the first year of governance. He also said the allegations made against him could very well be the foundation of the government's collapse, and that this was the worst injustice the government could commit.