Real political work takes place in parliament: Speaker

Speaker of Parliament, Mohamed Nasheed has requested the opposition to join the parliamentary sittings.

The opposition has been boycotting parliamentary sittings after the confrontations that occurred on June 1 between the main-ruling party, Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) members, and the opposition members.

The former President - the current Speaker of the Parliament, has requested the opposition members to join the meeting that was ongoing on Wednesday. He added that real political work takes place in the parliament, and the work shall be carried out for the benefit of the public, whether it be in the form of discussions, debates, and sometimes heated arguments.

“I again request the opposition to join the sittings. There will not be anywhere else that real political work will happen. I do not doubt that you would want to join the peaceful political activities,” said Speaker Nasheed.

The opposition has been saying they are boycotting the parliamentary sittings because the safety of the opposition members is not ensured. Once the Speaker of Parliament apologises and assures the security of the opposition, they will join the sittings, said the opposition.