Opposition to boycott parliamentary sitting

The opposition has decided to boycott Wednesday's parliamentary sitting after a fracas that occured at the parliament between opposition members and main-ruling party Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) members on June 2.

This the first time that the opposition has boycotted parliamentary meetings consecutively during the 19th parliament.

As per a statement issued by the joint parliamentary group of opposition Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC), there is no safety and security for opposition members. The opposition referred to the injury caused to the Vice-chairperson of PPM, MP Ahmed Shiyam in the confrontation that occured earlier this month. Shiyam sought medical treatment for the injuries at the hospital.

The opposition has sent a letter to Prosecutor General (PG) Hussain Shameen requesting to investigate the issue and file cases against the Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and MDP members whom the opposition accuses of injuring Shiyam. PG has not commented on the matter yet.

MP Shiyam reported the issue to the police and the police have stated they will investigate the issue. Home Minister Imran Abdulla has also said that the issue will be investigated and justice will be serviced without any discrimination. The members of MDP and Speaker Nasheed have expressed their distress over Minister Imran’s statement.