Opposition express concern in letter to Speaker

The opposition coalition has sent a letter to the Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed stating the parliament is functioning beyond its mandate stipulated in the constitution.

The letter signed by Acting Leader of opposition coalition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC), Abdul Raheem Abdulla states said Speaker Nasheed is taking undue advantage of his position as the Speaker by disregarding the minority’s voices.

The letter further said Speaker Nasheed has gathered undue power to the parliament, which is beyond the mandate entrusted to the parliament in the constitution. The former President has been overpowering the legal system and is now working to influence the police, accused the opposition in the letter. The opposition called to ensure the opposition's security and not to work beyond its mandate and called on the Speaker Nasheed to rectify the matter. While main-ruling party, Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) members have been confronting and bullying the opposition members within the parliament chamber, no work has been done to ensure the security of the opposition despite them requesting multiple times, the letter further said.

Speaker Nasheed asked Vice-chairperson of PPM, MP Ahmed Shiyam to leave the chamber during the parliament sitting held on June 1. However, he refused to leave the room, and he was forcefully removed from the chamber by MDP members. Shiyam was asked to leave the hall as he kept repeatedly interrupting Speaker Nasheed. In the process of removing him forcefully, suffered some injuries, after which he filed a case in the police against Speaker Nasheed and MPs of MDP.

Following the incident, the opposition has been boycotting parliament sittings. The issue has seen submitted to Inter-Parliamentary Union, and the Union has launched an investigation into the issue.