Ex-VP criticizes proposal to change name of police building

Former Vice-president Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has stated that a person who expresses a desire to change the name of the police building does not honour the martyrs.

The main police headquarters is named after national hero, Shaheed Hussain Adam, who was martyred while defending the country against terrorists.

While concluding the debate on the Police Act, the Speaker of the parliament had recently stated that members of the parliament had proposed to change the colour and name of the main headquarter building of the police.

“The members say another building is needed for the police, another name and another colour is needed, and that the building has to be relocated. They also say we need to let by-gones be by-gones and start a new chapter”, said Speaker Nasheed.

Referring to Nasheed’s remarks, Dr Jameel said those who do not value the martyrs are the evilest of perpetrators.

“The whole nation will stand for the heroes who defended the country from assailants. They will not let the martyrs’ commemoration fade," said Jameel.

The bill proposed by Maldives Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson MP Hassan Latheef, was structured in a way that parliament’s 241 Committee to have some power over the Police Act. The opposition coalition, Progressive Party of the Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) has raised concern over the issue. The opposition has also been criticising that some members of the main ruling party, MDP had spoken in a disrespectful manner in reference to the police while debating the bill.

Referring to the issue, Dr Jameel said the nation's whole Judiciary is under the influence of parliament. He added that the courts do not have the power to schedule cases and that the parliament is now working to influence the police that investigates the cases.

“The authorities have to work to please the parliament, is this “reform?” questioned Dr Jameel.

While debating on the bill, the members of MDP had heavily criticised the police and debated against delegating power to the police. During the discussion, a video that showed the police using force against a member of MDP on February 8, 2012, was viewed by the members. Allowing the police force to use taser guns was also been heavily debated in parliament. Recently, Police Commissioner, Hameed announced plans to introduce taser guns to deescalate violence.