Nasheed has become a true dictator: Ex-VP Dr Jameel

Former Vice-president Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed has said Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has transformed into a 'true dictator'.

In a tweet published on Wednesday, Dr Jameel said Speaker Nasheed has been influencing criminal investigations, the legal system through Judiciary Service Commission (JSC), meddling with the reform efforts of the Maldives and has made it into political predation. In the upcoming days, investigations will be conducted only into the cases President Nasheed, and Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) activists wish, said Dr Jameel. Once the Speaker becomes the Commissioner of Police and Chief Justice, he will be an absolute dictator, wrote Dr Jameel in his tweet.

Human Rights Committee of the Parliament has been studying the issue of a sexual assault case that took place last Friday and the parliament has stated that if the victim is willing, she will be summoned for a meeting to give a statement. Parliament has been subjected to harsh criticism regarding the case and facing allegations that has been working beyond their mandated powers. The Bar Council has also tweeted its concern over the issue.