AG instructs arrest of officers who impeded journo's abduction probe

Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath has instructed the police to begin procedures to arrest the two police officer who are suspected of attempting to obstruct the investigation of murdered journalist Ahmed Rilwan's abduction.

A report prepared by the Presidential Commission Investigating Murders and Enforced Disappearances on Rilwan's murder named five police officers linked to the case. It named the police officers involved in the case as Ibrahim Riffath, Mohamed Jinaah, Ahmed Hameed Abdul Raheem, Mohamed Fayaz Ismail and Ibrahim Khaleel, all of whom are still officers on the police force.

Speaking to AVAS ob Thursday night, AG Riffath confirmed that the police have been instructed to obtain a court order to arrest Corporal Mohamed Jinah and Corporal Ibrahim Riffath.

Additionally, a request has been made to place the officers on suspension, and to launch further investigation into the matter based on the report published by the commission.

The report said Ibrahim Riffath and Mohamed Jinah listened in on Rilwan's phone calls from 24 April 2014 to 21 July 2014. The same two officers met with the Immigration Controller to make arrangements to make it appear that Rilwan had been killed in war-torn Syria.

The report also revealed that former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb met with the two officers on multiple occasions, and that the officers had received large sums of money from Adeeb.

The remaining three officers are being investigated for negligence as the Criminal Court had been informed by the police that Rilwan was plotting against the government while the police intelligence was aware that Rilwan was under threat, and had been notified of potential abduction attempts.

Earlier today, Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed called to take action against the five officers linked to Rilwan's abduction that were named in the commission's report.

Speaking to the media, Nasheed said Rilwan's case will be investigated as a serious case by the parliament. Although the parliament will be on recess during the upcoming days, the 241 committee will continue to research the report presented by the presidential commission, said Nasheed.