'Two officers reinstated during govt transition period'

Maldives Police Service have revealed that the the two officers linked to the murder of journalist Ahmed Rilwan were reinstated to their posts during the transition period of the government.

The revelation comes amidst claims by former Home Minister Umar Naseer that the two officers were dismissed by the former government, but were later reinstated to their post by the current administration.

A report on Rilwan's murder issued by the Presidential Commission Investigating Murders and Disappearances said two officers of Maldives Police Services attempted to obstruct the investigation of Rilwan's abduction. Following the revelations, Attorney General Ibrahim Riffath instructed the police to proceed with the arrest of the two officers.

The Police Sunday clarified that Corporal Mohamed Jinah and Corporal Ibrahim Riffath were placed on unpaid suspension on July 13, 2017 while the Professional Standard Command investigated the officers. However, on November 7, 2018, during the transition period after President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih was elected as president, the suspension of the two officers were lifted, revealed the police. The Commissioner of Police at the time was Hamdhoon Rasheed.

The police confirmed that the two officers are still under investigation by the Professional Standard Command.

While the Attorney General's Office has instructed the police to obtain arrest warrents for the officers, the police has stated that the lack of substantial evidence against the officers prevents the legal arrest of the two officers. However, the police assured that the authority would effect any arrest warrant obtained by the presidential commission.

Senior officials of the government have criticized Maldives Police Service for not taking adequate action against the two officers heavily linked to Rilwan's case.