Police conduct large-scale search operation in relation to murdered journo case

The police conducted a search operation in light of the report issued by the Presidential Commission on Enforced Murders and Disappearances on the murder of Miniwan News journalist Ahmed Rilwan.

The police searched homes in capital Male', Hulhumale' and southern most Addu City.

Spokesperson of the police said the operation was being conducted to check persons and places of interest to the presidential commission.

"We are conducting the search operation to effect a search warrant obtained by the presidential commission. The operation is being conducted by the police", he informed.

The Crime Investigation Command, Forensics Specialist Operations Department and Divisional Policing Command unit of the police took part in the operation,

The investigation into Rilwan's murder has progressed, and a draft report on his case has been publicized by the commission. While the report pointed fingers at several individuals, the report said Rilwan was murdered by an extremist religious group affiliated with Al-Qaeda after being kidnapped in 2014. The commission has also completed 90% of the investigation into MP Afraashim Ali's murder.

While President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has assured that necessary action will be taken regarding Rilwan's case, he said all who need to be arrested will be duly arrested. The President Monday said the administration is working closely alongside the Prosecutor General’s Office, the Attorney General's Office and national security services, including the Maldives Police Service and the Maldives National Defence Force, to ascertain immediate action following investigations from the Commission on Deaths and Disappearances.

Four homes in Male' city were searched during Tuesday's operation: A home located on Sosun Magu, a home near Secret Recipe on Majeedhee Magu, a home near EVO Home on Majeedhee Magu and a Gaakoshi flat. It was reported that the homes are linked to Samih 'Soamithu' Mohamed, and Ali Shiyam, both named in the report as persons involved in the case. Two places in Hulhumale' were also searched.

Additionally, a home in Addu city was also searched. It is believed to be the residence of an individual named Agleel from S. Feydhoo, who is said to have paid for the 'dhoni' on which Rilwan was murdered. The fabric tradesman has previously refuted the claims on social media.

No arrests were made during the operation.