'Nasheed would not speak untruths'

Chairperson of main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Hassan Latheef has stated that former president of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed would claim MNDF tipped him regarding police surveillance unless senior personnel at MNDF had informed him as such.

Speaking at MDP's National Council Sunday night, Nasheed said he was notified by MNDF three nights ago that the police were shadowing him. The current Speaker of the parliament claimed it is entirely possible that the police or MPS may do such a thing.

However, MNDF said they did not notify Nasheed that he was under police surveillance.

MNDF said they continue to do all that is necessary to ensure the security and protection of all parties on whom provision of security is mandated by the law. Any dangers posed on an individual is duly assessed, and security is provided based on the level of the threat, said MNDF.

The police also released a similar statement, however, it did not deny that the authority shadowed Nasheed.

Hassan Latheef said although MNDF did not officially notify Nasheed via writing, he believes Nasheed would not have made his statement unless officers from MNDF had relayed the information to him.

"Even if MNDF did not officially notify him via writing, I believe some among MNDF must have given the information to Nasheed for him to have made such a statement", said Hassan Latheef defending Nasheed.

However, MNDF in their statement said there are no threats to Nasheed' safety at the time being, and assured that they would address any concerns brought to their attention to ensure adequate safety precautions are taken.