Nasheed urges econ minister to step aside from duties

Speaker of the Parliament and president of main-ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), Mohamed Nasheed has requested the party’s Chairperson to request Economic Minister Fayyaz Ismail to step aside from his responsibilities.

Nasheed has been attempting to submit a no confidence motion against Fayyaz. Although 10 signatures are necessary to submit the motion at the parliament, 44 votes are needed in its favor to dismiss Fayyaz. However, it is unlikely that Nasheed would be able to garner enough support to oust Fayyaz.

In his most recent move against Fayyaz, Nasheed sent a letter to MDP’s Chairperson, Hassan Latheef stating that believes it is best for Fayyaz to step aside from his position, and that he believes the party may suffer dire consequencces if Fayyaz remains in the position. One of the characteristics that is not normally attributed to MDP officials is corruption, and all allegations against Fayyaz must be investigated, Nasheed said in his letter.

“... it is not a political move to carry out a criminal investigation to ensure if the Minister of Economic Development committed corruption or not. The responsibilities entrusted to me by the party is political. I am noting from a political perspective, that Fayyaz is a responsibility of the party. Therefore, I urge him to voluntarily step aside from his responsibilities,” the letter said.

Nasheed said he never held a personal vendetta against any members of MDP, and that he has not had any personal animosity against any person at any time. In the same regard, he has no animosity towards any cabinet member, said Nasheed. He is working to achieve the party’s vision, and the fact should be taken into consideration, said Nasheed.

‘Even when MDP’s first administration came to an end abruptly, one of the best features noticeable about MDP officials would be their lack of involvement in corruption. Although MDP’s administration was toppled in a coup, one of the most noticeable facts over the past seven years would be that MDP is not attributed to corruption scandals,” said Nasheed.