Fayyaz expresses discontent over delays in advancing priority bills

Economic Minister and MDP Chairman Fayyaz Ismail has expressed his dissatisfaction over delays in advancing the Occupational Safety and Health Bill and the Industrial Relations Bill.

Both bills, which are among the government's priority bills, were sent to the Parliament for the last session and have not been included in the parliamentary agenda to date.

Expressing his concerns on Twitter, Fayyaz emphasized that both bills were equally important for the protection of workers' rights and the economy.

"This agenda, debate, and passage are essential. It is just as important as resolutions," Fayyaz said.

Although the MDP has a majority in Parliament and many members support President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, the Speaker has the power to set the agenda of the session. Although a member of MDP, current Speaker Nasheed has said, he would not carry out Parliament work as directed by the government.