DJA begins work to implement amendments to JSC Act

Judicial Service Commission (JSC) has revealed that work has ensued to establish Department of Judicial Administration (DJA) as a division of JSC as per the amendments brought to the Judicial Services Commissions Act.

The second amendment to the Judicial Services Commission Act was ratified by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih last week, which changed the administration of DJA under JSC. DJA is now tasked with the responsibility of making administrative policies.

During a press conference held Monday, Judicial Administrator Dr Abdulla Nazeer highlighted the work being done under the new amendments.

Nazeer said DJA has been tasked the appointment and dismissal of court registrars, expediting cases, sending legal teams to the courts, and deciding the number of judges for the lower courts. The new amendments also require DJA to establish a committee for appealing JSC decisions on judges and making the required policies.

Nazeer added that while each court will be administered by a Chief Administrator, DJA will be involved in transferring judges from one court to the other.

'We will make the necessary policies and regulations within a short period", said Nazeer.

Nazeer added that services of the courts will not be interrupted while the new changes take effect. All courts will be linked under a single network within the year in order to expedite work, he revealed.

Speaking at the press conference, spokesperson of DJA Faisal Adam said a meeting is being arranged with Chief Administrators of all courts as the responsibility of administrating the courts now fall on the administrators under the new amendments. During the meting, where court administrators from 20 judicial sectors and those of Male' courts will be in attendance, the challenges faced in the administration of the courts will be discussed and ways to adders the issues will be explored.