'Laws are being made to prevent terrorist attacks' - Defence Minster

Defence minister Mariya Ahmed Didi has stated that amendments are being made to the Terrorism Act to ensure that attacks such as the recent Sri Lankan bombings do not happen in the Maldives.

Former Foreign Minister Dr. Ahmed Shaheed, who serves as the UN Special Rapporteur tweeted regarding the proposed amendments to the Terrorism Act, stating that the new propositions for counter-terrorism violates the ICCPR's article 19 and 20.

Responding to the tweet, Minister Mariya said that Criminal Justice laws are the government's response to crimes. However, laws on terrorism are being made to prevent attacks such as the Easter Sunday bombings that occurred in Sri Lanka. Human Rights advocates around the world criticize laws on terrorism, said Mariya.

MP Hussain Shaheem from main ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) submitted a bill on behalf of the government to broaden the current Terrorism Laws. The bill states that terror suspects may be arrested without a court warrant.