'Motivation behind local 'jihadists' needs to be identified' - Defence Min.

Defence Minister Mariya Ahmed Didi have stated the motivation behind Maldivians traveling to foreign lands to take part in their wars needs to be identified.

Mariya Didi made the remark while addressing at the 10th International Meeting of High Ranking Officials Responsible for Security Measures in the Russian Federation.

She also stated that to battle against terrorism we need to expand the bilateral and multilateral engagements between countries.

"We need to invest more in understanding motivation of civilians in becoming foreign fighters and to identify the vulnerabilities of the country and how terrorists take advantage of the common citizen", said the Minister.

Mariya highlighted that Maldives has always been always a peace loving country. Maldives is not a country that will support or take part in terrorism acts, the Minister assured.

Mariya added that maintaining President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's zero tolerance policy against terrorism is the most important task for the agencies fighting against terrorism.