Over 50 accidents in capital last week

Maldives Police Services (MPS) stated that 56 accidents took place in the capital Male last week leaving nine injured.

Weekly report of the MPS shows that in the seven days 500 motor bikes were fined over parking violations while 70 were towed. Police has also checked 399 vehicles last week, while driving license of six were withheld over the accidents.

The statistics also showed that 94 people had been found without a valid drivers license while 62 were penalized for not possessing insurance and road worthiness. Police also took action against 15 people who traveled without helmets and two taxi drivers who were driving against the law.

Police said one was penalized for over speeding while three underage drivers. The report also showed that 20 people were stopped who head worn their phone headset while driving and one person for smoking while driving was also penalized.