International Kite Festival to be held at Cocoon Maldives

The International Kite Festival is set to be held at Cocoon Maldives in association with Maldives Marketing & PR Corporation (MMPRC).

The festival will take place in three different locations this year, with famous kite flying champions Edy Angelino, Guilherme Linares Palau and Daniel Y. Wu showcasing their skills to the audiences.

The festival will begin on 28th September in Male’ Ekuveni Cricket Ground, with the second event scheduled to be held in Hinnavaru on 4th October. Cocoon Maldives will also hold Kite Exhibition week from 28th September – 03rd October at the resort.

International Kite Festival this year is designed to allow guests to partake more actively, with free gifts for all visitors – and a resort stay for a lucky winner.

This is the second time the International Kite Festival will be held in Maldives by Cocoon Maldives.