Anti-terrorism consultant appointed to PO

An Anti-Terrorism Consultant has been hired at the President's Office to offer President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih counsel on matters relating to terrorism.

AVAS has learnt that Noosheen Waheed, the Chairperson of he Maldivian Democracy Network was appointed for the post.

While the President's Office has not disclosed any information on the appointment, a trusted source reported to AVAS that it has been a while since Noosheen was appointed for the post. While her position is not a political post, it is contract-based.

The government recently proposed several amendment to the Anti Terrorism Act. While it has been decided that extraordinary parliament sessions will be held during parliament recess to work on the bill, the bill has already been submitted to the parliament during the first special sitting held last week. A second out-of-session sitting has been scheduled for Sunday.

The opposition has been questioning the government's intentions in revising the Anti-Terrorism Act.