Warehouses to be leased from Thilafushi for chemical storage

The government has opened opportunity to lease warehouses from industrial island Thilafushi to relocate chemical warehouses in capital Male'.

The government made the swift decision to relocate chemical warehouses in residential ares after a fire that originated in a chemical warehouse in capital Male' burnt down seven buildings on Friday, claiming the life of one.

Greater Male' Industrial Zone Limited announced on Monday that the corporation has begun implementation of the government's decision on Saturday. A special area has been allocated in Thilafushi island for chemical storage, and warehouse units will be constructed in the area, they said.

While warehouses will be leased from the area, those interested in renting warehouses from Thilafushi can send in their application forms. Those who handle the most dangerous chemicals will be given priority in leasing the warehouses, said the announcement.

The government made the decision to relocate warehouses away from residential areas at an emergency cabinet meeting held following the fire. While the former government had made plans to shift the warehouses to the Male' Industrial Village, the current government has other plan for the area.